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I would be glad to answer any queries you have or help you with any recipe.

Would love to try out you favourite recipe’s and share it with the other readers of my blog, with due credit to you of course. So, please do send suggestions/ recipe’s /feedback to –

32 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Yes Nisha.. you can get emails everytime I update the blog with a new recipe.. you just have to click on the Follow button in the Follow Blog via email option below the FB widget on the right of this page… and enter your email id… let me know if you are unable to do so..


    1. Hey.. you can jus try and shallow fry with some oil…… try it out and let me know…. I grilled because i wanted to avoid using oil and also since its meat it would give out its own fat and make it a little greasy anyways..


  1. HI Keli, Do you have a recipe for papri chat or any other street food snack revolving rice crisps? Would love to hear your thoughts


    1. Hey Mohan, due to the limitations in the ingredients I find around here I haven’t had a chance to try out any chats based on rice crisps.. Chats really don’t require a recipe.. 🙂 you may know what i’m typing here.. make some mint + coriander chutney with a hint of garlic & green chilli; preapre dates & tamarind chutney.. Chop some onions, tomatoes & cilantro; some sev; like juice, boiled potatoes or black chickpeas; salt n yogurt; some red chilli powder n use all of these to fill inside a puri or top it on a papri or mix this with some puffed rice (without the yogurt) for bhel.. 🙂

      Once I’m back in India.. I plan to post all these.. 🙂


  2. hi, I tried the pasta you posted the other day…it was well appreciated!…..tweaked it a bit with some dried tomato and basil and it seemed to work!
    Te creamy pulao seems unique and will def try it out, we (goans) and am sure you do it too, i.e Coconut Rice where we use coconut cream in the Pulao thats yummmm as well!!!


    1. 🙂 Thanks for your comment Jules .. Yes, cooking is all about adding your personal touch to the dish.. 🙂 Glad the pasta was well appreciated.. 🙂

      Do send me the recipe of the coconut rice with the Goan touch.. 🙂 will definitely give it a try..


  3. This blog/page is brilliant AnithaNayak 🙂 a fellow mangalorean understands whats being a foodie like! 😛 came across the blog yesterday and I’m already trying out some fish, the dragon chicken n thai sweet noodles today.
    Can you post on some yummy dips??


    1. Thanks Sachin.. 🙂 Fish always has a favourite spot in every Mangalorean’s heart, doesn’t it?

      There are a few dips already in the blog.. will post more soon.. 🙂 What kind of dips are you looking for?

      Enjoy your meal.. & please do take time to add comments & let me know how you enjoyed them.. 🙂


  4. Hi Anitha,
    I am hosting an international food festival of vegetarian dishes round the world. In my understanding, you live in UK. Would you be interested in doing a guest post for me showcasing one typical vegetarian British dish? The Fest starts in second week of September. I will be very glad to feature you on my blog.
    Please let me know your thoughts.


  5. you made an amazing dish “rick steins chettinad chicken” in the images you used a very cool metal plate. If possible can you tell me more about this plate (name) (where to buy) I would love to use it for a dish at my restaurant. Thank you in advance!


    1. Hey Rikesh… I love that plate too :). That was a gift from a friend.. its probably 15 years old.. he had it lying in a cupboard… he found it when shifting houses & he thought it would make a perfect gift for me 🙂


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