Main/Whole Meals…


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1. Paneer Enchiladas/Cottage cheese Enchiladas infused with Indian flavours

2. Watercress flavoured Penne Pasta with Peas

3. Pasta with Broccoli & Brussel sprouts tossed in sesame & honey

4. Sour Creamed Pasta with Broccoli & Red Pepper

5. Pasta infused in tomato and mozzarella..

6. Pasta in Soya n Mushroom Sauce

7. Veg Pizza

8. Tagliatelle with Mushrooms in white sauce…

9. Mix Veg Couscous Biryani… Episode where the love for Biryani took over the love for Couscous…

10. LemonChilli Pasta with courgette…..

11. Veggie Scotch Broth..


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1. Pepper chicken in cream and basil with roast potatoes

2. Smoked gammon steak in a spicy mushroom sauce

3. Frankfurters & pasta tossed in a hot creamy capsicum sauce!

4. Fiery Cheesy Tomato Macaroni Bake with Mushrooms & Frankfurters.. made using a homemade sauce…

5. Creamy Egg Pasta

6. Whole wheat spaghetti with Bacon

7. Spaghetti Butter Garlic Prawns….

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