Curry’s/Gravy’s/ Dal…


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1. Muga Ghashi/ Sprouted Mung bean in a tangy coconut curry- Konkani Style

2. Vendekka Moor Kolumbu/Lady’s Finger in a spiced yogurt curry..

3. Chole/Chickpeas in a tangy spicy Indian sauce

4. Batani Ambat/ Konkani Style Green Peas in Coconut, Tamarind gravy

5. Indian Kidney Bean curry/Rajma

6. Mixed Veg Sambar

7. Lobia Dal

8. Raw Mango Dal/Pappu..

9. Makai Malai Palak/Sweetcorn in a creamy spinach sauce..

10. Brown lentil/Horse gram/Kulitha Saaru

11. Paneer Methi Malai Kali Mirch

12. Quintessential Konkani style Dal – DDT

13. Dal Makhni/ Buttery Black Lentils

14. Palak Paneer

15. Chana Masala/ Khatte Punjabi Chane/ Tangy Chickpeas

16. Kale Koddel/ Raw plantain in a tangy coconut curry…

17. Paneer/Cottage Cheese Tava Masala…

18. Butternut Squash Olan…..

19. Kumbh Mutter Masala with a Shahi twist to it..!

20. Soyee Bhajjile Chana Ghashi/Black chickpeas in sautéed coconut paste curry..

21. Shahi Paneer.. Cottage Cheese Curry with a royal touch…

22. Dum-Aloo truly sinful baby potatoes in a spicy onion-cashew gravy….

23. Puli Koddel…


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1. Chicken Stew – Kerala Style

2. Basic South-Indian Chicken curry – Chicken Masala

3. Kori Ghassi/Mangalorean style chicken curry

4. Pudina/Mint Chicken with hints of Cilantro

5. Chicken & mushroom in Hoisen sauce…

6. Chicken Puli Munchi/Chicken in Tangy Hot curry- Mangalorean style

7. Karuveppilai/kadipatta/curry leaves chicken…… 

8. Greens marinated Chicken-Curry with a Goan twist to it…

9. My take on Rick Steins Chettinad Chicken……


1. Meen Molee/Boneless fish pieces in a fragrant Kerala style coconut curry

2. My kind of Mix-Veg Thai Yellow Curry with Prawns

3. Sungta Hinga Udda/Sungta Randai/Prawns cooked in a red hot coconut gravy – Konkani style/RHCP

4. Alle Piyava Ghashi/Konkani style Fish curry..

5. From the villages of Tamil Nadu, a yummy Fish curry – Makerel curry…




1. Muttai Kolumbu/ Egg curry with a Tamil Nadu influenced twist

2. Milky Egg curry with capsicum garnishing

3. Masaledar Ande/Eggs tossed in a hot & spicy onion sauce…

4. Masala Eggs in curry…


1. Dukra Maas – as they call it in Mangalore; the best Pork curry ever!!!



1. Mutton Chilli Masala……..

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