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Ottimo… A Slice of Italy..!

ITC is always known to be great at what they do, be it their hospitality, their properties, their consumer products, their restaurants etc. are all one of a kind and one always comes back with great memories when you dine or stay with them. One such property in Bangalore is the ITC Gardenia which has a host of cuisines to offer and Ottimo which offers you great Italian food put together by skilled chefs with ingredients sourced from Italy to give you a slice of that culture & heritage rich country.


I was invited over to try and taste their newly launched menu. As the name translates, their food is excellent. The new menu brings in a unique blend of modern n contemporary cuisine while ensuring the traditional elements of the cuisine are still preserved. The chef is young, talented and very passionate about his food. He has put together some amazing dishes and desserts which are very fine and they truly showcase his love and understanding of the Italian cuisine.

The restaurant is beautifully done up with staff which is very knowledgeable about the cuisine. They have an open kitchen and that let us watch the chefs put together the dishes and we got a chance to interact with them as well.

We started with some red wine & some freshly baked breads served along with some Basil pesto, roasted bell pepper condiments and herbed olive oil. My favourite was the Focaccia.


We then moved on to Prosciutto melon which was Slices of cured pork with some ricotta cheese and melon, was a classic and looked so pretty, the pine nuts added a nice crunch.

The vegetarians had the Burrata sour cherry served with toasted almonds. It was soft and creamy, cheesy, with some of sour cherry compote, all the components complimented each other well & the dish was well balanced. I got a bite from a friends plate :).

The soup that was served next was very comforting & interesting, Zuppa cauliflower chocolate soup, a rich creamy soup sprinkled with some chocolate dust.  It has got some magic, it will leave you craving for more. I wouldn’t mind a big bowl of this lovely soup with some warm freshly baked bread on a rainy day & I will be purring away like a happy kitten for sure. When I read this on the menu I was super excited as this was something truly different & I kept waiting for it to be served 🙂 & it did not disappoint one bit. The chocolate & cauliflower surprisingly paired well and it was perfect.

I got myself the Vegetarian option for the pasta. The pumpkin ravioli was superb, it was silky smooth and the pumpkin filling was flavour packed. It was melt in the mouth for sure.

Before the mains, we were served some Watermelon and Mint palate cleanser. The mint was pronounced and even though I don’t quite enjoy watermelon, I ended up eating it all :),it was superb.

For the mains I tried the Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon with Jerusalem artichoke braised fennel. The salmon was cooked to perfection and the crispy skin was delightful, it was served with a delish rum & orange sauce. A must try for all Salmon lovers.

We ended the meal with the heavenly Tiramisu 2.0. Which is a deconstructed version of the classic. It was a perfect portion to end the meal with. Loved it even though I am not a coffee person because the sugar level was apt and it tasted great.

Everything was so beautifully plated and they have dessert ritual, the staff feeds you the first bite and this was super cute & it added that personal & warm touch to the dining experience.

Another wonderful thing is that they have a small vegetable patch in the premises and grow some fresh herbs and other ingredients that the are used in the meals.

Was a lovely evening made even more memorable by the food they served. I have always enjoyed my time at ITC Gardenia, they sure know how to treat you right :).

This menu is available on Ala carte basis or even as a set menu.

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