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1. Akki Rotti/Savoury Rice Pancakes from Karnataka

2. Sabudana Khichdi/Soaked Tapioca pearls tossed with some Indian spices…

3. Spring Onion Semiya Upma

4. Bread Upma/ Bite sized bread pieces tossed in some sweet & spicy flavoured onions

5. Mix-Veg Couscous Upma….

6. Breadata Upkari – a Breadda upkari with a twist of mashed potato

7. Phova Chutney with Muga Daali Usli….. Classic GSB breakfast dish

8. Rava Rotti/Savoury Semolina pancakes….


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1. Banana Pancakes

2. Strawberry Pancakes

3. Spiced Mango Pancakes….


1. Capsicum Omelette…

2. Herbed Mushroom Omelette..

3. Colourful Easter Eggs

4. Indian Masala Omelette with Bread/ a.k.a Bread Omelette

5. Blanketed Frankfurters…

6. The aromatic omelette – Celery Omelette..

7. Peppered Broccoli omelette with Oriental flavours…..

8. Indian spiced scrambled eggs/Anda burji…

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