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Ottimo… A Slice of Italy..!

ITC is always known to be great at what they do, be it their hospitality, their properties, their consumer products, their restaurants etc. are all one of a kind and one always comes back with great memories when you dine or stay with them. One such property in Bangalore is the ITC Gardenia which has… Continue reading Ottimo… A Slice of Italy..!

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Ging.. will truly make your taste buds sing!!

Just the place you would want to go to if you are celebrating something very special & plan to get away from the din of the city! I would say it’s perfect for a proposal dinner 😬! It’s Uber romantic & the food is just surreal!! Kick back forget the world for a bit & just… Continue reading Ging.. will truly make your taste buds sing!!

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612 East..

When I think about 612East it just makes me feel warm & fuzzy. Their space has that lovely long balcony with the lush, green trees 🌲 of 12th main Indiranagar as a backdrop. For me, it’s A perfect place to unwind & reminisce about some of the best days spent in Indiranagar with my girl… Continue reading 612 East..

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Loy Krathong.. Celebrate Thai Food at Banh Mi & Wok..!!

Pan Asian food has always captured Indian hearts from eons, this one is a fairly new addition to the food scene in Indiranagar Bangalore. It’s QSR based & lets you get a darn good bite of food from across South East Asia. The ambiance is stark, bright n clean with some greenery. Popular Music 🎶… Continue reading Loy Krathong.. Celebrate Thai Food at Banh Mi & Wok..!!

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Forage .. A different take on food!!

Forage.. From the time I heard about this place & how it transforms food I have been waiting to go get a bite of it 😀. They believe in serving food which is pure & yet they turn it into something extraordinary. Healthy twists, keeping all the actual flavours intact without masking it with too… Continue reading Forage .. A different take on food!!

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Misu.. for a Pan-Asian spree!

If your looking forward to an amazing time with great tasting Pan-Asian food, you got to head to @Misu 😀!! You won’t regret it… it’s worth every penny for sure..! <<<<<<<< nt little place is wonderfully & tastefully decorated and has a charm of its own, with an interesting painting which is iconic to this… Continue reading Misu.. for a Pan-Asian spree!

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District 6.. Pub, Brewery & Kitchen.. !!

Bangalore is beaming & boasting a new Beer culture from a while now, you guessed right, it is the Micro-breweries which are popping up everywhere in town to cater to the beer loving Bangaloreans. All have their favourites when it comes them, I have my favourite brews at all different breweries I have visited. Read… Continue reading District 6.. Pub, Brewery & Kitchen.. !!

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Tale of the twisted Falooda.. 😋!! #swensensindia

Most of you know I hail from a small town called Mangalore .. & boy, we do take our ice-creams seriously.. 😬! Mangaloreans are used to freshly churned ice-creams from the ice cream parlours in town…!! To add to that it’s a very sultry town.. because of which an ice-cream is always a welcome YES… Continue reading Tale of the twisted Falooda.. 😋!! #swensensindia

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Chicken Liver Pepper Fry!

Hola people.. How is your Friday shaping up?? Planning to cook something special this weekend for the family or you need an idea for a potluck planned with friends??!? Check this quick yet flavourful recipe out..! I’m sure you will make many happy if you happen to feed them this :).  How many of you… Continue reading Chicken Liver Pepper Fry!

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Konkani style, Hog Plum pickle…

Summer is full of Sun, fun, travel & yumminess.. For those who love Mangoes its the season.. The kids have vacations… The markets are filled with an amazing array of fruits to choose from. There are negatives about summer, but why worry about that, let us focus on the goodness :)!! I’m super excited writing… Continue reading Konkani style, Hog Plum pickle…