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Paneer Methi Malai Kali Mirch

The Indian subcontinent enjoys a day off. The capital city has the Republic day parade. Schools and other educational institutions have celebrations to mark this day. I miss those days back in school when we had to wear our white uniforms, sing the national anthem, the small march past followed by some cultural events. This… Continue reading Paneer Methi Malai Kali Mirch

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Soupy days – Spinach Soup with Potato

As usual I was snuggling in my duvet on the couch, to keep myself warm this quiet, gloomy afternoon with a novel. Keshav had stepped out for some work. I felt lazy to fix up a meal. I did not want something very heavy, but something which fill me up and satisfy my hunger. Had… Continue reading Soupy days – Spinach Soup with Potato

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Palak Paneer

This is K’s recipe.. should rather say its my MIL’s recipe.. and I love Palak Paneer.. its my favourite Paneer dish..  Keshav wanted to cook something for me today. He has been complaining that he has not had the chance to eat Paneer in a long time… (Since I’m not a Paneer fan, it never… Continue reading Palak Paneer

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Chatpata Methi Aloo

K’s love for sabzi roti is much more than his love for authentic Iyengari food.. Oops I hope I don’t get to bear some brunt of his anger, for saying this..    I wanted to prepare something a little different from the usual Aloo Methi. I love innovating. This did turn out yummy. The traditional… Continue reading Chatpata Methi Aloo

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Bhindi Fry/Lady’s Finger Fry

Bhindi fry is one of the most delicious dish that you can prepare from Bhindi.. I just love this dish & I can go on eating this… and I bet most of you who try this out or have had will agree with me,…. 🙂 Do not mistake this for the North Indian style of… Continue reading Bhindi Fry/Lady’s Finger Fry

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Butter Garlic Mushrooms

I love the English breakfast because I get to eat mushrooms for breakfast with it. So, from this you would have gathered that i’m a huge fan of mushrooms. This is a quick tasty starter. Anyone who likes mushrooms will like this. The blend of parsley along with butter and garlic is aroma therapy for my… Continue reading Butter Garlic Mushrooms

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Beetroot Raita

Beetroot is detested by many. I know of people who think beetroot is a vegetable which other than a salad cannot be of any other use.. They are wrong. This healthy vegetable has loads of uses along with the various recipes you can use it in. This recipe uses, boiled Beetroot, chopped onions & green… Continue reading Beetroot Raita

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Lobia Dal

Being born and raised in South India I was not exposed much to North Indian dishes, other than the typical dishes served in North Indian restaurants which obviously did not include some of the easy and lovely homemade dishes in their menu like the Lobia Dal. Tasted this brilliant yet simple dal for the first… Continue reading Lobia Dal

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Arasi Paruppu Saadam

This recipe is a good old recipe from Tamil Nadu. Mum & all her siblings as they have been brought up in Tamil Nadu prepare this often at home. My cousins tell me that Tamilians cook this for breakfast as well. It has both rice & tur/toor dal, similar to a North Indian Khichdi recipe,… Continue reading Arasi Paruppu Saadam