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Chicken Liver Pepper Fry!

Hola people.. How is your Friday shaping up?? Planning to cook something special this weekend for the family or you need an idea for a potluck planned with friends??!? Check this quick yet flavourful recipe out..! I’m sure you will make many happy if you happen to feed them this :).  How many of you… Continue reading Chicken Liver Pepper Fry!

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Egg Sukka

We had a potluck at a friend’s place to celebrate the launch of my Facebook Page Keli Paan… I prepared this for the occasion… For a person who has been born and brought up in the tropical coastal region, coconut tastes yummy with just about anything. Sukka is a very famous dish prepared by the… Continue reading Egg Sukka

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Hot Honey Chicken Wings

We had been out shopping… & shopping always makes you hungry.. doesn’t it?? Lol me being the multiple small meals per day person needs to eat every couple of hours.. so I had to eat…!!! we found a nice restaurant in the mall..  K loves barbecued food.. specially the sticky barbecue sauce… we went through… Continue reading Hot Honey Chicken Wings

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Crispy Mussels

Just like caviar.. this is a delicacy for me…. I used to wait for the mussel season… my grand mom would get them from the fish market and fry/ make a curry out of them. As a kid I was allowed to eat mussels in limited quantities.. as they caused me terrible tummy aches. Mussels… Continue reading Crispy Mussels

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Bhindi Fry/Lady’s Finger Fry

Bhindi fry is one of the most delicious dish that you can prepare from Bhindi.. I just love this dish & I can go on eating this… and I bet most of you who try this out or have had will agree with me,…. 🙂 Do not mistake this for the North Indian style of… Continue reading Bhindi Fry/Lady’s Finger Fry

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Chicken Fry

Chicken is a favourite among all meat lovers.. at least that’s what I think..  easy to clean & cook… Who doesn’t like fried chicken?? try this simple, quick yet tasty recipe. Days that i’m lazy and don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal, these are the things I make.  Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation Time: 15… Continue reading Chicken Fry

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Beetroot Raita

Beetroot is detested by many. I know of people who think beetroot is a vegetable which other than a salad cannot be of any other use.. They are wrong. This healthy vegetable has loads of uses along with the various recipes you can use it in. This recipe uses, boiled Beetroot, chopped onions & green… Continue reading Beetroot Raita