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Strawberry-Basil Raita with toasted sesame seeds……

Experimenting should be my middle name, Oh well, that’s a lame one, don’t we all experiment with food?? Yes, of course we do. Now what made me experiment with strawberries & yogurt?? What could one possibly do when one ends up with half a litre of sourish yogurt & sour strawberries..? 😦 I did not… Continue reading Strawberry-Basil Raita with toasted sesame seeds……

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Spring Onion Raita

Raita is a condiment made with yogurt & popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Raita is an amazing accompaniment for any Indian flavoured rice. It compliments the spice present in the flavoured rice and cools down the heat generated from all the different spices used. Personally I never had a liking towards yogurt before getting married… Continue reading Spring Onion Raita

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Beetroot Raita

Beetroot is detested by many. I know of people who think beetroot is a vegetable which other than a salad cannot be of any other use.. They are wrong. This healthy vegetable has loads of uses along with the various recipes you can use it in. This recipe uses, boiled Beetroot, chopped onions & green… Continue reading Beetroot Raita