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Egg Sukka

We had a potluck at a friend’s place to celebrate the launch of my Facebook Page Keli Paan… I prepared this for the occasion… For a person who has been born and brought up in the tropical coastal region, coconut tastes yummy with just about anything. Sukka is a very famous dish prepared by the… Continue reading Egg Sukka

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Hot Honey Chicken Wings

We had been out shopping… & shopping always makes you hungry.. doesn’t it?? Lol me being the multiple small meals per day person needs to eat every couple of hours.. so I had to eat…!!! we found a nice restaurant in the mall..  K loves barbecued food.. specially the sticky barbecue sauce… we went through… Continue reading Hot Honey Chicken Wings

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Pasta in Soya n Mushroom Sauce

I prefer  white sauce when it comes to pasta, I don’t mind tomato based sauces..  but given a choice I’d always pick the white because it always has some cream/cheese & this makes it yummy..! Again those who are watching their calorie intake would prefer a simple tomato sauce. So when I’m in that mode… Continue reading Pasta in Soya n Mushroom Sauce

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Crispy Mussels

Just like caviar.. this is a delicacy for me…. I used to wait for the mussel season… my grand mom would get them from the fish market and fry/ make a curry out of them. As a kid I was allowed to eat mussels in limited quantities.. as they caused me terrible tummy aches. Mussels… Continue reading Crispy Mussels

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Bhindi Fry/Lady’s Finger Fry

Bhindi fry is one of the most delicious dish that you can prepare from Bhindi.. I just love this dish & I can go on eating this… and I bet most of you who try this out or have had will agree with me,…. 🙂 Do not mistake this for the North Indian style of… Continue reading Bhindi Fry/Lady’s Finger Fry

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Chicken Fry

Chicken is a favourite among all meat lovers.. at least that’s what I think..  easy to clean & cook… Who doesn’t like fried chicken?? try this simple, quick yet tasty recipe. Days that i’m lazy and don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal, these are the things I make.  Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation Time: 15… Continue reading Chicken Fry

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Butter Garlic Mushrooms

I love the English breakfast because I get to eat mushrooms for breakfast with it. So, from this you would have gathered that i’m a huge fan of mushrooms. This is a quick tasty starter. Anyone who likes mushrooms will like this. The blend of parsley along with butter and garlic is aroma therapy for my… Continue reading Butter Garlic Mushrooms

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Cheesy Mushrooms

Cheesy Mushrooms: I always enjoyed mushrooms n hot molten cheese. This is the perfect blend of both. It’s mouth watering even to write about this dish. A must try !!! Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation Time: 15 mins Mushrooms – 100 gms (Closed cup mushrooms will be good) diced thick Tomatoes – Half of one medium… Continue reading Cheesy Mushrooms