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Idli Roast…

Many houses have a weekend ritual when it comes to food.. specially since its the weekend..  all want something special which is available in abundance to indulge on.. 🙂 .. Idli’s or Masala dosa or Appams used to be prepared in our house as the breakfast ritual.. Whenever idli’s used to be prepared at home,… Continue reading Idli Roast…

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Cabbage Ambade/ cabbage & onion fritters

Cabbage is a vegetable full of fibre… I know it really does not have much of a flavour to it, other than your mouth may stink if you eat it raw.. 😀 Many, including K do not really like the taste of cabbage …He calls it GARBAGE…. His explanation is that he feels he is a… Continue reading Cabbage Ambade/ cabbage & onion fritters

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Pasta infused in tomato and mozzarella..

I prefer pasta in white sauce.. But then there are people who would say pasta in white sauce is for those people who do not mind putting on some extra calories since its creamy n cheesy. I can agree to this. But then when you eat pasta once in a while, why not binge. This… Continue reading Pasta infused in tomato and mozzarella..

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Masala Sausages

Pork is a non-vegetarians delight.. at-least that’s what the Mangalorean in me thinks.. and I also agree with a lot of people when they say that Pork is the tastiest meat ever.. 🙂 Pork preparations from Coorg (A small region in the state of Karnataka, India which is beautiful & known for it’s Coffee estates… Continue reading Masala Sausages

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Pasta Mayo Salad

I love salads.. :)) I would always binge on Salads at a buffet.. :)) and fill my tummy with it.. and end up not eating the main course… !!! Such a healthy and a quick option salads are.. they still have their nutrients as they are not lost when you sometimes end up overcooking vegetables.. … Continue reading Pasta Mayo Salad

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Jhatpat Thai Sweet Chilli Vegetable Noodles

Jhatpat in Hindi means quick… Kids, adults all love noodles.. at-least among my family and friends.. This is a quick meal I prepare when there is not many vegetables at home.. just the basic onions or peppers… I used to make this as a meal for my lunch box…. Ingredients: ( Serves 2 )  … Continue reading Jhatpat Thai Sweet Chilli Vegetable Noodles

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Fusion Chilli Chicken

Chinese food is an all time favourite.. Back in Mangalore while growing up there was only one Chinese restaurant. Both my Dad and I are food lovers… we love to try out different cuisines.. having said that we do not eat a lot.. but we enjoy food… There is a famous dialogue in my husband’s family…… Continue reading Fusion Chilli Chicken

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Tangy Mussels

My grandmother says.. Non-Vegetarian food has to be eaten spicy.. else the human body cannot digest it.. 🙂 Well..I don’t really know how much of truth that is but I do believe that meat does taste better when its hot & spicy… A squeeze of lime always helps bring the lime down if you cannot… Continue reading Tangy Mussels

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Egg Pakodi Chaat

I don’t think there is any Indian who dislikes Chaat.. its a favourite evening snack of almost all the people I know.. I really don’t where this heavenly snack originated from, rather which state.. but almost all states of India now have a version customized to suit the taste of the people living there.  Mumbai… Continue reading Egg Pakodi Chaat

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Grilled Filled Capsicum

Grilled capsicum/shimla mirch is very tasty… many of you would have them as a part of a barbecue I’m sure.. 🙂 You cant ask for more if it is stuffed with some masala.. along with cheese melting from the top… Yes..that’s what I managed to put together for dinner today.. Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation time… Continue reading Grilled Filled Capsicum