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Crabstick Soup

On a rainy day or on a cold winter’s day who wouldn’t love to have a hot bowl of soup.. ??? I like soups a lot but, when I go to a Chinese restaurant I skip having a bowl of soup because it fills me up and I do not have space for the yummy… Continue reading Crabstick Soup

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Tomato Rice

I had a lot of requests from friends for the recipe of Tomato Rice. Been meaning to post this recipe from a while. This is another variety of flavoured rice that you would enjoy in Southern India, very flavourful. It is popularly known as Takkali (Tomato) Saadam (Rice) in Tamil Nadu (A state in Southern… Continue reading Tomato Rice

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Mushroom Wraps

Wraps are easy to prepare and you can fill them up with just about anything. I make these often as they are quick and are easy to eat and non messy. They are easy to carry with you too for a picnic, lunchbox or snack etc. When I pack this for Keshav in his lunchbox… Continue reading Mushroom Wraps

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Grilled/Baked fish in Green Masala

Fish in an integral part of any Mangalorean’s life… so would be the case with anyone living/born and brought up along the coast.  We are all cats when its come to fish…. !!! Mangalore is famous for it’s are various fish fry methods… rava fry, masala fry,  naked fry.. and different types of fish curries… Continue reading Grilled/Baked fish in Green Masala

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This is for all my friends from back from engineering times.. all those hungry nights while at the library when all of us were running around looking for notes/material to copy/xerox… tensed about not having all the required material, not thinking for a minute if we will have the time to study all of it… Continue reading Keishto

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Special Prawn Biryani

This is one of the most time consuming Biryani’s because it is Dum Biryani, having said that even though it takes time.. its worth every minute spent in preparing it. 🙂 For those special occasions when you want to cook something at home I would recommend you to try this. 🙂 Ingredients: (Serves 3) Preparation… Continue reading Special Prawn Biryani

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Fusion Chilli Chicken

Chinese food is an all time favourite.. Back in Mangalore while growing up there was only one Chinese restaurant. Both my Dad and I are food lovers… we love to try out different cuisines.. having said that we do not eat a lot.. but we enjoy food… There is a famous dialogue in my husband’s family…… Continue reading Fusion Chilli Chicken

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Tangy Mussels

My grandmother says.. Non-Vegetarian food has to be eaten spicy.. else the human body cannot digest it.. 🙂 Well..I don’t really know how much of truth that is but I do believe that meat does taste better when its hot & spicy… A squeeze of lime always helps bring the lime down if you cannot… Continue reading Tangy Mussels

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Happy Diwali All….

Let’s celebrate Diwali with some Sherbet Sheera……. !!! Will update the post with the recipe soon…… 🙂 Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Diwali ……….!!! Let this Diwali bring happiness and prosperity and peace to all…

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Hot Honey Chicken Wings

We had been out shopping… & shopping always makes you hungry.. doesn’t it?? Lol me being the multiple small meals per day person needs to eat every couple of hours.. so I had to eat…!!! we found a nice restaurant in the mall..  K loves barbecued food.. specially the sticky barbecue sauce… we went through… Continue reading Hot Honey Chicken Wings