Recipe Index

A lot of people who follow my blog got back to me saying that the blog is not user-friendly & it’s difficult to browse pages & select a recipe.  I had to do something about it.  I hope this helps you guys.. ! 🙂

You will find a galore of recipe’s here… I always update this list after I post a new dish, so that you are not missing anything!

There is something in here for everyone, I promise.. 🙂

The list of recipes kept growing out of hand.. so I bring you the new & improved formula for the Recipe Index.. for better browsing.. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. Anitha, thank you so much..this is much easier to find and decide what to cook.i mean i found it exactly the way i want.


  2. This wat I was waiting for thanks a lot….. now cooking is much more simplified as I have to search less…… cheers to happy n easy cooking…..


  3. hi Anitha, i am trying out new recipes from your blog. already tried chole, bhindy fry, lobia dal,,,it was yumm
    i look fwd to cooking now & my hubby is really happy with a different dish everyday
    thanks a lot… i have already shortlisted the dishes for the coming week…keep up the good work


    1. Hey Rashmi.. Thanks so much for dropping by to add your comment! 🙂 it’s nice to know you have tried out many recipes & both you & your husband enjoyed them.. 🙂

      Happy cooking.. & hope to see more comments when you try the other recipes out!


  4. This is a very good effort Anitha…. now its really easy to find the recipes we just glanced earlier….
    Thank u


      1. It was a wee bit easier for me as I already had a long recipe index where-in the recipes were already segregated into categories.. 🙂

        All the best 🙂


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