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Ging.. will truly make your taste buds sing!!

Just the place you would want to go to if you are celebrating something very special & plan to get away from the din of the city! I would say it’s perfect for a proposal dinner 😬! It’s Uber romantic & the food is just surreal!! Kick back forget the world for a bit & just… Continue reading Ging.. will truly make your taste buds sing!!

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Spaghetti Butter Garlic Prawns….

You know how cleaning up prawns is… I was so caught up with half a kilo of prawn cleaning today that I completely lost track of time,hunger began to creep in, had no lunch ready, a glance at the wall clock, it read thirty past two. K was home, I had to put together a… Continue reading Spaghetti Butter Garlic Prawns….

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Fish Fry with a Konkani style batter

FISH… brings a galore of memories for me.. just the smell of fish frying in the kitchen takes me back to those times as a kid back at my ancestral house… the picture of my grandmother sitting out in the backyard on a traditional Indian chopping seat called “Addoli in konkani”, removing the scales out… Continue reading Fish Fry with a Konkani style batter

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Sungta Hinga Udda/Sungta Randai/Prawns cooked in a red hot coconut gravy – Konkani style/RHCP

While I was wondering what  I  could call this dish in English.. RHCP – Red Hot Chilli Prawns popped up into my head instantly.. All of you would be familiar with the popular American music band RHCP.. I like their music hence this name just came to me in a flash… When it comes to… Continue reading Sungta Hinga Udda/Sungta Randai/Prawns cooked in a red hot coconut gravy – Konkani style/RHCP

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Tava fried prawns

Prawns are very versatile, they taste yummy any way you prepare them. They cook pretty soon as well.I’m so addicted to prawns (You must be wondering why the quantity of prawns in the final pics are sparse.. I was done with my share before I could click the pics!:P I just can’t resist them &… Continue reading Tava fried prawns

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Lemon, Mushroom Noodle Soup

Yes, there you go, something that you can prepare using a microwave. 🙂 For all those people who want something easy to prepare without switching on your stove & for those others who prefer to use the stove, follow the recipe on the stove. Yet another day for me without the hob to cook food.The… Continue reading Lemon, Mushroom Noodle Soup

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My kind of Mix-Veg Thai Yellow Curry with Prawns

It was a fun evening, Keshav & I were just getting back from the movies. We had been to watch Django. We both loved the movie and the characters were played so well by the actors. It was really windy outside. I always get out well prepared, I just can’t take the cold, so I… Continue reading My kind of Mix-Veg Thai Yellow Curry with Prawns

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Prawn Chilli Garlic Noodles

I have a friend at work, who is Chinese. We discuss about food a lot. She loves to eat :).  When we were chitchatting about some basic noodle recipe’s, realising that I do not use Fish Sauce, she suggested I try it as it adds a lot of flavour to Chinese food. I went looking for the… Continue reading Prawn Chilli Garlic Noodles

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Crabstick Soup

On a rainy day or on a cold winter’s day who wouldn’t love to have a hot bowl of soup.. ??? I like soups a lot but, when I go to a Chinese restaurant I skip having a bowl of soup because it fills me up and I do not have space for the yummy… Continue reading Crabstick Soup

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Lemony Prawns with Parsley

  Seafood is quick to prepare.. healthy and yummy… tastes good steamed, fried, tossed, in salads or even in soup… !! I do know a few people who are allergic to prawns or other seafood.. feel really bad for them.. because they are missing out on something awesome..! Prawns are the best 🙂 but if… Continue reading Lemony Prawns with Parsley