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Ottimo… A Slice of Italy..!

ITC is always known to be great at what they do, be it their hospitality, their properties, their consumer products, their restaurants etc. are all one of a kind and one always comes back with great memories when you dine or stay with them. One such property in Bangalore is the ITC Gardenia which has… Continue reading Ottimo… A Slice of Italy..!

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Ging.. will truly make your taste buds sing!!

Just the place you would want to go to if you are celebrating something very special & plan to get away from the din of the city! I would say it’s perfect for a proposal dinner 😬! It’s Uber romantic & the food is just surreal!! Kick back forget the world for a bit & just… Continue reading Ging.. will truly make your taste buds sing!!

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District 6.. Pub, Brewery & Kitchen.. !!

Bangalore is beaming & boasting a new Beer culture from a while now, you guessed right, it is the Micro-breweries which are popping up everywhere in town to cater to the beer loving Bangaloreans. All have their favourites when it comes them, I have my favourite brews at all different breweries I have visited. Read… Continue reading District 6.. Pub, Brewery & Kitchen.. !!

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Republique: Pub & Terrace Lounge…!

Republique: Pub & Terrace Lounge…!   How many of you have that one favourite restaurant that you always visit, where you know the anything you order won’t go wrong & your happy while walking out as it hasn’t burned a hole in your pocket?! 🙂 I’m sure all of us have a few favourites when it… Continue reading Republique: Pub & Terrace Lounge…!

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Spice Elephant.. Bangalore

Spice Elephant  – BSK 3rd stage, Bangalore. Imagine you are blindfolded and left on a street… You free your eyes off of the blindfold, you are hungry, you walk around and look right, left… or all around you for a place to eat and all you see are SLV’s… Wondering what these are??? The places in… Continue reading Spice Elephant.. Bangalore

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Ruh’s Cafe.. BTM,Bengaluru..

Ruh’s Cafe … BTM, Bengaluru.. Where time stands still in the bustling streets of BTM 2nd stage.. a prefect place to unwind from the usual run..! (I can be pretty dramatic at times…!! 😉 ). Easy to locate ..though its in the bustling streets of BTM.. pocket friendly.. good food with good portion sizes! It… Continue reading Ruh’s Cafe.. BTM,Bengaluru..

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Mighty Small.. Bengaluru

Restaurant Review – Mighty Small – One MG Mall, Bengaluru If I ask you Bangaloreans, “What is the best thing you would like to do if you had to entertain guests or spend some quality time with your family/friends/colleagues; if you had like around 4-5hrs with you??”.. You may reply – Lunch/Dinner at a restaurant Go… Continue reading Mighty Small.. Bengaluru