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Tempered Cucumber Raita – South Indian Style

Funny weather here in Glasgow from a couple of days. The sun plays hide & seek in between snow.. I was listening to “CCR – Have you ever seen the rain” & I burst out laughing thinking aloud.. “If the lyricist would have visited Glasgow ever, he would have changed the lyrics to snow instead… Continue reading Tempered Cucumber Raita – South Indian Style

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Spring Onion Raita

Raita is a condiment made with yogurt & popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Raita is an amazing accompaniment for any Indian flavoured rice. It compliments the spice present in the flavoured rice and cools down the heat generated from all the different spices used. Personally I never had a liking towards yogurt before getting married… Continue reading Spring Onion Raita

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Microwave Peas Pilaf with Spring Onion Raita

I’m experimenting cooking with the microwave these days. Yes, these experiments will be on till our landlord fixes the hob. I’m sure it suits all those friends of mine who do not know much about cooking and just know how to use the microwave to make themselves a bowl of instant noodles or some ready… Continue reading Microwave Peas Pilaf with Spring Onion Raita