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Microwave Peas Pilaf with Spring Onion Raita

I’m experimenting cooking with the microwave these days. Yes, these experiments will be on till our landlord fixes the hob. I’m sure it suits all those friends of mine who do not know much about cooking and just know how to use the microwave to make themselves a bowl of instant noodles or some ready… Continue reading Microwave Peas Pilaf with Spring Onion Raita

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Lemon, Mushroom Noodle Soup

Yes, there you go, something that you can prepare using a microwave. 🙂 For all those people who want something easy to prepare without switching on your stove & for those others who prefer to use the stove, follow the recipe on the stove. Yet another day for me without the hob to cook food.The… Continue reading Lemon, Mushroom Noodle Soup

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Kala Chana Chaat/ Black Chickpeas Chaat

Kala chana refers to black chickpeas. Chaat is a medley of different flavours. There are different kinds of chaats available in India. To name a few – Bhel puri, paani Puri,Sev Puri, Masala Puri, Katori Chaat, Dahi Puri, Samosa Chaat, Tikki Chaat, Aloo Sev Puri, Chana Chaat and the list goes on. Chaat is mostly… Continue reading Kala Chana Chaat/ Black Chickpeas Chaat

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Soupy days – Spinach Soup with Potato

As usual I was snuggling in my duvet on the couch, to keep myself warm this quiet, gloomy afternoon with a novel. Keshav had stepped out for some work. I felt lazy to fix up a meal. I did not want something very heavy, but something which fill me up and satisfy my hunger. Had… Continue reading Soupy days – Spinach Soup with Potato