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Veg fried rice with Sriracha sauce….

Guys KPCC-5 is on..! A fellow blogger friend Sonal won KPCC-4. Check out KPCC Journal for the details on how to sign up for the Keli Paan challenge.. 🙂 It sure is a fun way to learn a new recipe & show off your food photography & creative skills….!! Those who have been following my… Continue reading Veg fried rice with Sriracha sauce….

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Lemon thyme flavoured Chilli fried rice….

K’s lunchbox is always a challenge for me.. ! He is such a workaholic, he hardly eats when he is working & I always have to make sure that I make him something that will draw him to his lunchbox & not skip it.Even though K prefers anything but rice in his lunchbox, Biryani &… Continue reading Lemon thyme flavoured Chilli fried rice….

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Red Pepper & Celery Fried rice….

There was some rice leftover from last night.. & the chole that I made for dinner was wiped clean for dinner.. What do I cook for lunch & how do I use up the leftover rice was a huge Question…!! I was in no mood to make Dal or sambar to finish the rice.. I… Continue reading Red Pepper & Celery Fried rice….

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Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat…

Another street food that all love.. another type of Chaat… available everywhere in streets of Delhi & other neighbouring cities. In other cities you will find it as well but not as much as you do in Delhi or the Northern cities of India.. But nevertheless.. if you have never had this before.. then its… Continue reading Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat…

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Chole Chaat…

I had prepared some chole for dinner & then I guess I overestimated K’s & my dinner eating abilities.. it ended up being leftover. & I was in no mood to waste chole.. If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I’m quite a fussy eater & I need to… Continue reading Chole Chaat…

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Tangy Chickpeas dip

The other day when I prepared some Chole I had some extra chickpeas left with me. Thought of preparing this dip with the leftover chickpeas. This dip is just delicious as a filler in sandwiches or with some pita bread or along with some crackers. Just the right amount of lemon juice to kill the… Continue reading Tangy Chickpeas dip

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Idli Roast…

Many houses have a weekend ritual when it comes to food.. specially since its the weekend..  all want something special which is available in abundance to indulge on.. 🙂 .. Idli’s or Masala dosa or Appams used to be prepared in our house as the breakfast ritual.. Whenever idli’s used to be prepared at home,… Continue reading Idli Roast…