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Mustard & Peri Peri flavoured grilled chicken..

Both K & I missed eating chicken during our trip… There were hardly any dishes served with chicken in the restaurants around Italy… & also since we wanted to enjoy the authentic food of every region we visited we had to let chicken go.. 😛 People eat loads of processed meat & cheese.. 🙂 I… Continue reading Mustard & Peri Peri flavoured grilled chicken..

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Mix-veg skewers with a Yogurt dip

My hob gave up yesterday, :(. With only the oven & the microwave at my disposal, I can only bake or grill. I hope the hob gets repaired soon. 😦 I feel tied-down… I was out most of the day but did not pick up veggies or meat as I could not fix up a… Continue reading Mix-veg skewers with a Yogurt dip

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Smoked gammon steak in a spicy mushroom sauce

Keshav had been for a christmas dinner from work and he mentioned that there was gammon served and he really liked it. When I went grocery shopping I looked for gammon steaks and picked some up. I was waiting for his day off to prepare this. So ended up preparing this today. The smokey steak… Continue reading Smoked gammon steak in a spicy mushroom sauce

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Grilled/Baked fish in Green Masala

Fish in an integral part of any Mangalorean’s life… so would be the case with anyone living/born and brought up along the coast.  We are all cats when its come to fish…. !!! Mangalore is famous for it’s are various fish fry methods… rava fry, masala fry,  naked fry.. and different types of fish curries… Continue reading Grilled/Baked fish in Green Masala

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Bacon wrapped onion parcels

Bacon… just can’t get enough of it.. despite the fact that it’s high in calorie’s.. !!! Sigh.. why are the yummiest things in the world filled with high calories..!!! This will be ready in a jiffy… by the time you put them in the grill and pick up your remote, switch on your TV, tune… Continue reading Bacon wrapped onion parcels

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Grilled Filled Capsicum

Grilled capsicum/shimla mirch is very tasty… many of you would have them as a part of a barbecue I’m sure.. 🙂 You cant ask for more if it is stuffed with some masala.. along with cheese melting from the top… Yes..that’s what I managed to put together for dinner today.. Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation time… Continue reading Grilled Filled Capsicum

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Hot Honey Chicken Wings

We had been out shopping… & shopping always makes you hungry.. doesn’t it?? Lol me being the multiple small meals per day person needs to eat every couple of hours.. so I had to eat…!!! we found a nice restaurant in the mall..  K loves barbecued food.. specially the sticky barbecue sauce… we went through… Continue reading Hot Honey Chicken Wings