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Egg Curry made from a fragrant coconut paste…..

Long time, no see! Oh well.. When people ask me what happened to Keli Paan ..??!?? why has it taken a back seat since the time you started Floured, I tell them “Blogging for sure is just like a full-time job. Do you remember asking your mum what she was pondering about after lunch??!?? or… Continue reading Egg Curry made from a fragrant coconut paste…..

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Spiced Mango Pancakes….

K loves mangoes…. Just the way I love crabs.. :D. You give him a couple of mangoes & I won’t feel his presence around.. He gets lost in his own world.. We suddenly have loads of Mangoes at home.. Thanks to a friends farmhouse & K’s cousin who brought us some from a friends orchard.… Continue reading Spiced Mango Pancakes….

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Ragi/Finger Millet Biscuits…. more healthier biscuits for all + they are Gluten free.. !

Baking some biscuits has been on my to-do list since a very long time. I’m not a biscuits lover, so this never got done until last week. I’m a wee bit late in posting this, I was out-of-town for a cousin’s wedding. I baked a huge lot of these biscuits for all my cousins &… Continue reading Ragi/Finger Millet Biscuits…. more healthier biscuits for all + they are Gluten free.. !

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Chocolate Walnut Brownie….

Dark chocolate & walnuts.. whatta brilliant combination..!!! Love it..!! K wanted to have some brownies.. & I’m not a huge fan of hazelnuts.. checked the pantry if I had a packet of walnuts..n hurrah… I did find a packet. 🙂 The rest does not require to be told.. Mixed the ingredients as I ate my… Continue reading Chocolate Walnut Brownie….

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Celebration Post – Super moist, Venetian Carrot Cake

Yippie Yay! this is my 200th recipe post on Keli Paan and I am so glad that my plans to post a something baked succeeded. Yes, I have been planing this post for a while now. The plan was to indulge & celebrate with a good cake.. It’s such a wonderful feeling writing this post..… Continue reading Celebration Post – Super moist, Venetian Carrot Cake

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Indian spiced scrambled eggs/Anda burji…

I don’t know why I missed posting such a simple & tasty recipe. Its a wonderful snack/breakfast/filler/side dish/starter. Yes, its put a versatile tag on this one. This serves as a wonderful spiced up breakfast with some bread by the side. If you on an outing or a picnic & want to carry some dry… Continue reading Indian spiced scrambled eggs/Anda burji…

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Masala Eggs in curry…

K’s day off.. I love cooking more than usual when he is home. He fancied a hot egg masala for lunch. Adding flavour to boiled egg curry is always a difficult task. If you just add whole boiled eggs, they will obviously not grab any of the flavours from the curry. Even slit boiled eggs… Continue reading Masala Eggs in curry…

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Peppered Broccoli omelette with Oriental flavours…..

I’m so sorry for not being able  to post anything since the past week… Been caught up with moving… packing & unpacking… I’m sure you know how hectic & tiring the whole process is.. To make my blog more interactive & fun I decided to have small contests on my Facebook page for the fans… Continue reading Peppered Broccoli omelette with Oriental flavours…..

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Dark Chocolate & Mocha Cheesecake with Rum…

This cheesecake has so many different flavours that blend so beautifully that it will definitely be a treat for your taste buds.. We had a wee bit of an Indian Dark Rum called Old Monk left with us; it wasn’t enough for a drink & it was not going to be wasted :). I had… Continue reading Dark Chocolate & Mocha Cheesecake with Rum…

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The aromatic omelette – Celery Omelette..

This is one of the most aromatic omelette’s I have had till now. When you give it a try, I’m sure you will agree! Celery has a strong flavour & many don’t really like it, nor did I when I had it for the first time. I guess you need to develop a taste for… Continue reading The aromatic omelette – Celery Omelette..