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Restaurant Review…Onesta

Restaurant review: Onesta – JP Nagar, Bangalore  My Rating – 4.5 Bar available – No, Doesn’t serve Alcohol Ambience – nicely done with a rustic feel, indoor seating as well as rooftop seating available. Plants are places around you, so it is refreshing indeed. You don’t hear the music that plays in the background as… Continue reading Restaurant Review…Onesta

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Breadata Upkari – a Breadda upkari with a twist of mashed potato

As kids when mum ran out of ideas or when we were bored with the conventional South Indian breakfast ideas, mum would ask my lil bro or me to walk up to the corner shop & get a loaf of bread. You may think it’s for a bread butter/jam breakfast or bread omelette breakfast.. Naa..… Continue reading Breadata Upkari – a Breadda upkari with a twist of mashed potato

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Cheesy Red Onion & Pimento Olive Focaccia…

Sorry for playing the disappearing act too often. I’m still scouting around for my ingredients & equipment. I just managed to select the oven I wanted & guess what??!?? its out of stock.. 😦 So while I wait for everything to fall into place I’m catching up with friends & family. Another couple of days… Continue reading Cheesy Red Onion & Pimento Olive Focaccia…

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Rosemary, Lemon thyme Focaccia..

Hiya.. I was back this monday from my vacation, but was still in the holiday mood so did not get much cooking done. Our trip was wonderful, even though the weather did not really help much we made the most of it. I got my dose of laughter to last me for a while, thanks… Continue reading Rosemary, Lemon thyme Focaccia..

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Bread rolls with an Indian flavour/Masala bread rolls.. they go perfect with Masala chai..

Baking is something that I always tend to keep for laters.. Its been real long since I baked.. The fear about baking still haunts me somewhere.. Baking bread is always tedious.. as the yeast needs to get fermented.. then you need to knead the dough.. let it puff up.. & I’m always in a hurry… Continue reading Bread rolls with an Indian flavour/Masala bread rolls.. they go perfect with Masala chai..

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Herbed Mushroom Omelette..

My favourite way to kickstart my day is with egg’s & some yummy mushrooms in it. K’s cousin has been complaining that I have not put up his favourite Mushroom omelette recipe yet, he has been asking me to post this from the time I started blogging.. The day’s finally come Akshay.. 🙂 this recipe… Continue reading Herbed Mushroom Omelette..

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Chicken Stew – Kerala Style

Food from the coastal region & me have always shared a bond… makes me feel at home instantly… food from Kerala is even more special as it brings back fond memories… I had an awesome bunch of roommates/flatmates from Kerala back in Bangalore when I was unmarried. We used to have crazy girl parties.. sometimes… Continue reading Chicken Stew – Kerala Style

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Red pesto Egg Bomb Burgers…

It’s been a lovely day.. loads of sunlight pouring in through my windows & warming me up.. All my plants seem to be glowing as well, basking in the sun.. 🙂 Song for the day – Sun is shining by Bob Marley.. :)) Remember a few days back I had posted a recipe called Red… Continue reading Red pesto Egg Bomb Burgers…