Quick Bites

Misu.. for a Pan-Asian spree!

If your looking forward to an amazing time with great tasting Pan-Asian food, you got to head to @Misu 😀!! You won’t regret it… it’s worth every penny for sure..!

nt little place is wonderfully & tastefully decorated and has a charm of its own, with an interesting painting which is iconic to this restaurant along with mirrored interiors!! I would say its a perfect place for a date, or to spend some quality family time when you are in & around CBD. Good music plays in the background too making it a perfect setting. I would recommend table booking in advance, as it is a pretty small restaurant.

them on an afternoon & I fell in love with the food & ambiance. I am told the place looks even prettier in the evening 😀… I’m already planning to go over again one evening :). The staff are well informed about their offerings & will help you choose if need be.

Some of us foodies went over to Misu to explore their newly introduced weekday lunch offering called the “Ninja Meal”.

This is a real power packed meal, has loads of options for vegetarians & with a large emphasis on chicken options for the non-vegetarians. They serve these in apt portions & it is put together as a 5 course meal. The Ninja Meal is a specially curated menu which is a subset of their Al a carte menu with choices of Soups, salads, wantons, dumplings, sushi (the wasabi paste is perfect 😬), stir fry’s, bao’s, Thai curry’s, fried rice, noodles to satisfy your Pan Asian cravings ending with a dessert 🍨.. !! There is something for everyone now isn’t it??!

They have interesting choices for drinks as well.. I ordered the Sweet Iced Tea Sangria, which was an interesting White Wine cocktail with iced tea & tropical fruits.. Very refreshing & served in a jug :D. My friends ordered the “Honey Mango Margarita”, was a big hit among all the Mango lovers.. “Kampai Cheers” is for the lychee lovers… !!!

To Start you up, they bring you a spiced up Indonesian welcome drink(Bandrek). You can opt a hot or cold version of it. You would want to finish it till the last drop 😀. While you sip through the Bandrek, skim through the menu & pick your favourites for the soup/salad, appetisers & a Sushi or dumpling or Bao, a maincourse.

Finally You get a pick of the Japanese cheesecake or an Ice-cream sandwich (lemongrass, matcha, tamarind) which is an ice-cream sandwich made of ice-cream between 2 slices of cake 🍰 , very light (lemongrass was my favourite😋) & this is an amazing way to end this Pan Asian meal 😀.

Ice-cream sandwich…

I liked most of the food I tried but I still have my favourites among them 😀-
1. Somtum Salad (super refreshing raw papaya salad with peanuts, chilli’s, garlic & honey lemon sauce).
2. Tom Kha soup.
3. Ikan Pepe ( only fish option on the menu, an Indonesian grilled fish curried with ginger n chilli 🌶 & wrapped in a banana leaf)
4. All the sushi offerings on this menu were equally good.. hard to choose a favourite 😬.
5. Thai green curry chicken
6. Thai wok fried rice ( rice tossed with roasted Thai chilli paste & basil 😋)
7. Ice- cream Sandwich (lemongrass)

I would say don’t miss out on this steal deal from Monday-Thursday from 12:30pm to – 3:30pm, Veg – 777/-INR & Non-Veg – 888/- INR. You will be awed at their menu which is filled with lip smacking options. It for sure will calm the Ninja in you & bring you inner peace 😬!!


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