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Dukra Maas – as they call it in Mangalore; the best Pork curry ever!!!

Anyone born or brought up or who has something to do with Mangalore would have definitely heard about the famous Dukra Maas.. If you have not,then its a shame.. go bury your head somewhere !! I’m kidding, of course. If you have not heard of it, well then there is always a first time.. & I’m glad you did through this post on my blog. Pork lovers should definitely not miss such a delightful recipe.

Dukra Maas..

If you follow me through the Keli Paan page on Facebook, you would know that I have a terrible cold brewing up from within. A runny nose accompanied with a terrible headache & loads of crumpled tissues in my dustbin. Since we are moving back to India I have been looking into my pantry to use up the groceries I can & my eyes had fallen on the packet of Bafat powder. I knew instantly that this curry would cheer me up. 🙂 I took a walk down to the grocers despite the horrible wet Scottish weather to buy some pork. I wanted a hot bowl of soup & Dukra Maas to cheer me up. While sipping on some soup I made myself, the pork simmering away & the aroma started lifting my spirits. That was the state I was in yesterday.. I’m much better today.

Dukra Maas..

All my friends know my love for pork & I guess you would too if you have been around while I had pork dishes posted on Keli Paan! The first time I remember eating pork ever was in my Pre-University days & I was like damn.. what was I thinking of? Why didn’t I ever take a bite out of my schoolmates lunch boxes when they brought pork for lunch on Mondays to school??!!??? Guess had there been a microwave oven back then during school times my friends would have had to either carry an extra portion for me or forget their lunch. That’s how crazy I am about this meat. To top it all, this curry tastes even more fabulous the next day; as the pork absorbs all the lovely spices & flavours of the added ingredients. I also loved being invited to a Catholic wedding or a roce or any function because of the authentic dukra maas which will almost always be on the menu.

Dukra Maas..

Dukar/Dukkar is a pig in Konkani & maas is meat. This curry is like a sunday ritual in almost every Catholic home. A typical Catholic family wakes up every sunday morning, attends the mass/the service in their Parish/Church; gets back home with a stop at the butchers to pick up fresh pork; & then the family waits for the mum/wife to fix this wonderful curry. This served often with uber soft idli’s called Sanna’s. The batter for the Sanna’s is usually prepared the night before, just like the batter for any Idli/Dosa, as it needs to ferment. (Recipe of Sanna’s will be up soon as well).

The weather in Mangalore is pretty hot & sultry as it is situated in the Arabian sea coastline. Men make sure they stop by at the Wine shop to pick up some beers & that’s usually chilling in the fridge or some opened in anticipation of the pork. A beer is the best to wash down the hot & spicy pork simmering away in the kitchen & it makes the wait unbearable.. !! I know all these details because I have been invited over to many friends houses on Sundays because of my love for pork & I really mean it when I say that the wait is unbearable; the aroma is so tantalising that you just want to go tell the aunty cooking that there is someone at the door asking for you & dig into the simmering pot & get out some pork before she chides you & shoo’s you away!

Dukra Maas...

Check out the ingredients, other than the bafat powder all the ingredients are always present in any pantry. I had ready-made Bafat powder which I got along with me to the UK. Store bought of course. Many households make their own though & I have asked a friend to pass on the recipe to me. So the recipe to make Bafat powder will soon hit Keli Paan, after some wait though. But for the rest who want to try this dish out, all you need to do is pester any Mangalorean friend you have to get it for you or ask them where you could pick it up from. 🙂 It will be available in Mumbai & Bangalore for sure, in those good old Mangalorean bakeries.

Tip: Do make some extra & save some for the next day & you will not regret it, it sure is tastier the next day.

The next day...

The fat tends to thicken & form a layer on top which melts when heated up.

Ingredients: (Serves 2 – 3 )          Preparation Time: 3+ hrs (Includes time for marination)
Pork – 400 -500 gms, cubed or small pieces, I used pork belly pieces, throw away some of the fat if you want to, I like having some fat in the curry, so I leave some pieces
Bafat powder – 2.5 – 3 tbsp
Green chilli’s – 2 – 3, finely chopped
Ginger – 1.5 -2 inches piece, finely chopped
Garlic – 7-8 cloves, diced
Red Chilli powder – 1/4 – 1/2 tsp if the Bafat powder is not as spicy as you expected
Tamarind – 1/2 of a marble-sized ball soaked in some warm water
Bay leaves – 1,torn into a few pieces
Garam Masala powder – 1/2 tsp
White Vinegar – 2 tbsp + 1/2 tbsp Note: 1/2 tbsp is used to garnish in the end for that extra zing
Onions – 2 medium-sized, diced
Salt to taste

Marinating the pork:
Wash & drain the pork & keep aside. In a medium-sized pot, mix together the bafat masala, garam masala, ginger, garlic, salt,bay leaves, vinegar, green chilli’s along with the juice squeezed out from the soaking tamarind. Throw in the drained pork pieces. Mix well & let the pork marinate for at least an hour.

Marinated Pork...

Sorry about the Photograph above, clicked at night..

While the pork is marinating you can use this time to chop the onions & making some homemade bread if you wish to, because bread serves as a good accompaniment for this curry as well.

Once the pork has marinated for an hour, transfer this pot on to the stove & begin cooking the pork at low heat. Do not add any water at this stage. The pork lets out its juices & fat as times goes by & let it simmer away with an occasional stir, so that the pieces which are top also get to soak themselves in the juices.

The aroma will surely draw anyone sitting in you living room to the kitchen enquiring about what’s cooking ;), you may also have neighbours asking whats cooking.

When it’s about an hour after the pork has been simmering away, taste the curry & adjust the seasoning. Now is the time to add the extra bit of red chilli powder if you don’t find it hot enough. Throw in the diced onions & mix. Let the curry simmer away for another hour or so. Add about a cup of water. Add more if you prefer it with some gravy or curry. It’s made both ways, dry or with curry.

Go take your shower or watch your TV show. Check & adjust the salt once the onions look cooked & turn translucent. After about 2 hours, taste the pork. It should be cooked through, soft yet enough to chew on. When you begin to see the fat separate & float on top it’s nearly done. Let it simmer for another 10-15 minutes. Don’t overcook. Turn off the heat.

Garnishing: (optional)
Once you turn off the heat, add that extra 1/2 tbsp of vinegar if you wish to.

Dukra Maas..

Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with sanna’s or bread. Shevio/Shevai/Idiappam (Freshly prepared rice noodles, famous in & around the Western coastal regions of India) also is a good accompaniment.

Dukra Maas..

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13 thoughts on “Dukra Maas – as they call it in Mangalore; the best Pork curry ever!!!

  1. Dukra mass can beat any meat hands down. Did not know you liked it so much. Survived the ordeal of looking at your yummy pics and down to detail explanation only because my parents came over last weekend and we cooked pork and i ate it to my hearts full… However you post has left me craving for more…


    1. 🙂 Don’t blame you at all Seema… I feel like cooking some every time I see the pics.. You cannot get enough of it.. 🙂

      Yes, I love it.. 🙂 imagine, I prepared this n hogged n a Mangi friend invited me over & there was sorpotel.. So I had a lovely week filled with my fav meat n curries.. Yet, I’m craving for more.. !!!!


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