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Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat…

Another street food that all love.. another type of Chaat… available everywhere in streets of Delhi & other neighbouring cities. In other cities you will find it as well but not as much as you do in Delhi or the Northern cities of India.. But nevertheless.. if you have never had this before.. then its a pity.. Do try it..

Some street vendors also sell just the Aloo Tikki chaat.. without the chole.. ! That’s yummy as well.. But this one is a killer combo.. Aloo tikki & chole.. both known to produce a lot of gas in your stomach.. 😀 Spoiler Alert – be prepared to fart around a lot..!! Ok, I don’t want that spoiler alert from making you try this out… It’s way too tasty… 🙂

When you prepare chole the next time.. make a lot so that you can prepare this in the evening or have this as dinner :)) That’s what I did a couple of days back. Had chole for lunch & then made this for dinner.. 🙂 So, it does not get too monotonous.. a its a pleasant change.

:) That's what Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat looks like…

There are so many flavours in this dish that it will take your taste buds to a whole new level. The different spices in the chole, the shallow fried potato patties (Aloo tikki), the raw red onions, the cold yogurt, the tangy & sweet- tamarind & date chutney..the hot green chutney.. the crunchy sev on top.. I know too many things right.. thats why its called chaat.. 🙂

K was after me from quite sometime to prepare this. So over the weekend when he was home I prepared this. I could not find to post the recipe earlier.

Ingredients: (Serves 4)      Preparation Time: 30 + minutes (Based on how many tikki’s you can fry at a time :))
Chole – 1 bowl, each serving would require about 5-6 tbsp
Potatoes – 4 large-sized
Cumin – 1/2 tsp, dry roasted, & powdered
Green chilli’s – 2, finely chopped
Black peppercorns – 4-5, crushed
Bread crumbs (optional)- 1-2 tbsp,
Red Onion – 1 medium-sized, finely chopped
Date & tamarind chutney – 3 tbsp
Green/Mint chutney – 3 tbsp
Yogurt – 6 tbsp
Chaat Masala – as required
Red chilli powder – as required
Sev – 4 tbsp
Coriander leaves – 3-4 sprigs, finely chopped
Cooking Oil – 3-4 tbsp/enough to shallow fry the tikki’s
Note: I tava fried & did not shallow fry as the tikki’s tend to absorb lots of oil.
Salt to taste

For the chole, check – Chole recipe.

Pressure cook/boil the potatoes in sufficient water.

Tip: While the potatoes are cooking, you can use this time to prepare the green chutney, tamarind & date chutney.

You can use store bought tamarind chutney if you want to. I prepared it fresh. For the tamarind chutney, soak 4 large dates, seeds removed & 1 lemon sized ball of tamarind, seeds removed in warm water for 10 minutes. Use just about enough water to cover them. Add just the softened dates & tamarind to a blender & grind this to a smooth paste. Add the water they were soaked in as required to help in grinding. Keep the rest of the water aside to dilute if the chutney is too thick.

Now once the potatoes are ready, drain out the water, cool then in cold water, drain the water away. Peel the skin off. Add the finely chopped green chilli’s, crushed black pepper , salt to taste & the dry roasted cumin powder to a mixing bowl. Add the boiled, peeled potatoes & mash the potatoes up. Make sure the other ingredients blend well into the mashed potatoes. Add the bread crumbs if the potatoes have absorbed a lot of water & the the mashed potato mix is soft & not firm enough to form patties. Close & keep aside for at least 10 minutes so that the potatoes absorb the flavours.

Heat a fry pan with a tbsp of oil or enough to shallow fry. Set heat to medium. While the oil is heating up, make 2-3 patties out of the mashed potatoes mixture. When the oil is hot, fry 2-3 the patties. Do not crowd the fry pan. Carefully turn then over when you see the bottom edges turning golden brown. Fry till they are golden brown on both sides. Take them out on a kitchen paper towel. Repeat this to prepare more tikki’s.


Now, heat the chole if its cold & then add 2 tikki’s to a serving plate. Press the centre of each of the tikki’s to mash them up a little as shown.

Mash the tikki's from the centre..

Now, add about 5-6 tbsp of chole on top.

Add Chole over the mashed up tikki's..

Add a tbsp of yogurt, 2-3 tsp of date & tamarind chutney, 1 tsp of green chutney (add more if you wish to), sprinkle some red chilli powder around.

Add yogurt, chutneys & red chilli powder...

Next sprinkle some chaat masala, a wee bit of salt too. Now, add some finely chopped onions. Next, sprinkle about a tbsp of sev. Finally garnish with some chopped coriander.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve as soon as it is prepared. Else the dish gets too soggy.Enjoy.. 🙂

Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat…

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