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Masaledar Ande/Eggs tossed in a hot & spicy onion sauce…

Today K wanted something to go with bread for his lunch. I’ve been making him eat a lot of rice this week,.. So I had to give in & had to prepare something in a jiffy (I had 40 minutes with me..)… The only vegetable I had with me were carrots… & cooked carrots are a big no for him…

Since we moved houses a couple of months back, the nearest grocer is 15 mins walk away.. I’m not really a morning person.. I take time to break out from my sleep.. 😛 So was
thankful that I did not end up using all the eggs with all the baking & the omelette’s I ended up preparing the last few days.. !! So decided to prepare some egg curry.. but again.. something which is more runny like a curry is again a NO for K as he always has this fear ” What if the curry leaks out of the box”.. so something thick was on his wish list today..

Masaledar Unde..

In Hindi eggs are known as Ande… Masaledar means it’s filled with masala… The beauty about this dish is that you don’t add the eggs when the gravy is ready… you fry the eggs & include the eggs right from the beginning..Lot of people complain that curry’s where boiled eggs are added are yummy..but then the eggs do not absorb any of the flavours.. Here the eggs do absorb flavours from the gravy since they are added right in the beginning..

Since I was on a timer.. I was not able to click pictures during the making.. 😦

Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation Time: 30 mins (Includes time to boil eggs)
Eggs – 4
Onion – 1 large, finely chopped
Garlic cloves – 3, finely chopped
Green chilli’s – 2, finely chopped
Garam Masala – 1/4 tsp
Red Chilli powder – 1/4 tsp or more based on your taste
Sugar – 1/2 tsp
Thick Tamarind water – 1 tsp
Turmeric powder – a pinch
Kasuri Methi – 2 tsp, this is a dried variety of fenugreek leaves…
Coriander leaves – 2 sprigs, finely chopped
Warm water – 150 ml
Cooking oil – 1.5 tbsp
Salt to taste

Tip: If you need more gravy… use 2 onions.. & adjust the garam masala & chilli powder accordingly..

Boil eggs. While the eggs are boiling, you can use this time to chop the veggies. Once the eggs are boiled, de-shell them & cut each into 2, keep them aside..

Heat oil in a fry pan. Set the heat to medium. Add the eggs. Fry the eggs till they turn golden brown. Move the eggs to one side of the fry pan.. Now add the green chilli’s fry them for a minute or so. Next add the garlic & sauté them for about 30 seconds. When the lovely aroma of garlic fills the air around.. add the onions.. add some salt to quicken the onion frying process..When the onions turn translucent add a pinch of turmeric.. Turn the heat to low. Next add the garam masala & the red chilli powder.. Mix well, leaving the eggs alone.. just toss the eggs in their place once in a while so that they don’t burn..

Once the raw flavours of the different powders begin to fade away.. mix the eggs in…now let the eggs absorb the flavours.. The onions would have turned real soft now.. With your spatula keep mashing the onions lightly.. this way you will be turning the onions into pulp.. that’s what you need.. When all the raw flavours have faded away add the tamarind water.. mix well.

Tip: Always add tamarind midway in your cooking.. when most of the cooking of the other ingredients in done as tamarind acts as an inhibitor.. & you take double the time to cook the same dish had you added it towards the beginning..

Now add the warm water.. mix well.. check & adjust the salt.. Add the sugar,..mix well.. When the water begins to bubble.. keep that spatula going & continue mashing up the onions..:) It would have turned into a pulp by now… Crush the Kasuri Methi between your palms & add it.. Mix well.. When you see the water evaporating…, the oil separating…& the curry is more like a paste.. turn off the heat…

Transfer to a serving dish…

Transfer to a serving bowl...

Garnish with some chopped coriander leaves.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with any Indian bread by the side.. You can also have this as a starter with a couple of beers.. 🙂

Masaledar Unde...


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16 thoughts on “Masaledar Ande/Eggs tossed in a hot & spicy onion sauce…

  1. Thanks for another good receipe Chinks ! My wife wants to know why sugar is added at the end ? I think the concern is the conflict of taste between masala and sugar


  2. Made this, without kasuri methi (out of stock!) n sugar…love the tamarind as huli instead of tomatoes..hubby liked it too 🙂 totally rocks!


  3. Your photography is just amazing and your recipes too. I was drooling after seeing this photo and had to try the recipe. The Masaledar eggs were so easy to make and tasted so yum with rotis. 🙂


  4. tried this recipe today,had it with rice n chapathi….goes well wth both,,,,very quick n easy recipe n yes very yummy……:)


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