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Simple yet very comforting!…. Batata Piyava Upkari/Stir fried Potato Onion sabzi…

Mangalore gets more than a fair amount of rains during the Monsoon season.. The monsoon season lasts for about 4 months.. Starts end of May & extends to September..It pours cats & dogs & the roads used to get ruined.. giving birth to potholes whose depth you would not know until & unless your bike or car went into it..; this was back in those days when the roads were not cemented.. I hate getting wet in the rain.. I’m not that person who ventures out & gets as drenched as a crow..!!

The only thing I used to love about the monsoon season was to go shopping with dad to buy new rainy shoes, every year.. 🙂 & make a puppy face to get a new colourful umbrella or a raincoat… 🙂 I remember, all of us limping from the shoe bites from the new shoes… Since school re-opened with the onset of monsoons for us.. we would also be excited about buying the best looking & cute labels for the notebooks.. What fun..!

I can’t believe the things we kids did in the rains…There were shallow gutters made by the side of the road inside the school campus to let the water flow out… I did get inspired by a many girls who used to jump into small puddles & in the gutter & splash the muddy water around.. 😀 I remember joining them.. Also we used to make paper boats & leave them in the gutter & run behind them till they disappeared or got engulfed by the speed of the flowing water..Sometimes we would also throw in our shoes too… if we wanted a new pair.. things kids do.. 😛

Also at times, if a lot of us got to school drenched.. or with our uniforms wet… then a rainy day holiday would be declared.. Get back home.. snuggle under a warm blanket… & watch your favourite movie or cartoon.. On such rainy days.. steaming hot paej/konjee (overcooked rice with its starchy water).. with a simple stir fry like this, along with some hot pickle.. & a bliss… !!!!

I know a post like this may seem to any Konkana (The community that talks the dialect Konkani) reading this post… another one of the most basic recipe’s cooked on a everyday basis in any Konkana home… I have a lot of students living away from home following my blog.. this is for those who want to fix up a very simple yet homely meal….

Batata Piyava Upkari/Stir fried Potato Onion sabzi...

Konkani stir fries are simple.. yet yummy.. The ingredients used for the tempering are almost the same… but then the vegetable added changes the whole equation.. !

Ingredients: (Serves 4, if you are not like me who eats portions of the stir fry while in the making) Preparation Time: 15 mins
Potatoes – 2 large, peeled & diced in the shape of a quarter circle… I’m used to eating this with potatoes cut this way.. you could cut it in your way…
Onion – 1 medium-sized, cubed
Curry leaves – 1 sprig, roughly about 8 leaves
Dried red chilli’s – 4-5, roughly torn, with the seeds, Use more if you are using a less hot variety
Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
Cooking Oil – 1.5 tbsp
Salt to taste

Some of the ingredients..

Before you start the stir fry, wash the diced potatoes & add some salt, mix them & keep them aside for 5 minutes; this helps the potatoes cook sooner..

Tip: To save time… cut the potatoes first in quarter circle shapes.The thinner the better… having said this do not cut them too thin.. they will break easily when you toss them around… Add salt & kept them aside & then begin to cut the onions.. & start frying them.. this time would be sufficient for the potatoes to absorb the salt..

Potatoes cut in a quater circle shape...

Heat oil in a non stick fry pan. When the oil is hot, reduce to medium heat. Add the mustard seeds & let them splutter.. Next add the dried red chilli’s & fry them till you start sneezing.. no I’m kidding… just for a minute or so.. don’t let them turn deep brown or black.. if they do.. discard & start again.. If you don’t discard & start afresh, the stir fry will have a burnt flavour otherwise..

Tip: This stir fry tastes better if you can prepare it in an Iron kadai or skillet…

Next roughly tear the curry leaves throw them in; fry for a minute..when you smell the lovely flavour of the curry leaves add chopped onions..

Cubed onions...

Add some salt to help the onions fry sooner.. once the onions turn translucent; add the diced potatoes.. discard any water if present.. simmer & cover & let the potatoes cook this way for about 5 minutes.. Remove the lid & increase heat to medium. Let the potatoes cook till done…but keep a close eye.. don’t let them burn.. toss them around gently every couple of minutes… they may break if you roughly toss them around..

Tip: If you like the potatoes a little fried like I do.. then let them cook in simmer… takes a wee bit longer but tastes better.. (I like it this way… :)) But again keep a close eye & keep tossing them around every couple of minutes..

When the potatoes are almost coked…& before you turn off the heat.. check & adjust the salt..

Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with a bowl of steamed rice & dal or with plain konjee.. 🙂

Simple yet very comforting!…. Batata Piyava Upkari/Stir fried Potato Onion sabzi...

As mentioned earlier, you can also have some mango pickle & papad too along with this.. 🙂

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