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Green Chutney/Mint Coriander chutney/Dip

I had been meaning to post this recipe from a long time.. but never ended up doing so. I have mentioned this being an accompaniment in a couple of recipe’s I posted earlier.

Popularly known as Hari Chutney in Hindi. Hara is green in Hindi..

Hari Chutney...

This dip is very versatile. Is a good accompaniment with many Indian starters. I’m sure each & everyone of you would have had this at some point of time with your food if you are an Indian food freak. You could have been served with some of this as a side with your main meal/as a spread in some Indian chutney sandwiches.. Eaten it as a dip with Frankie rolls.. or maybe even as chutney with Dosa/ vegetable cutlets… etc.

Green Chutney..

Very flavourful. If you find this a wee bit hot for your taste sprinkle some sugar on it or add some jaggery.. the taste changes & this is a yummy variation to this chutney… You could also add some beaten yogurt.. 🙂

In the pictures posted I have served this chutney with some Onion Pakora’s.

Ingredients:(Serves 4)    Preparation Time: 10 mins
Coriander leaves – half a bunch, about 100 gms
Green Chilli’s – 2
Garlic – 1 small clove, peeled
Ginger – a small piece, just for the flavour, 1/4 inch piece
Mint/Pudina leaves – 15-20 medium-sized leaves
Salt to taste

Wash all the ingredients & roughly chop them. Add them to a blender & blend into a smooth paste. Add a wee bit of water if required to grind the ingredients into a smooth paste. Transfer to a serving bowl. Add salt to taste & mix.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve as a dip along with any Pakoda/Pakora’s or with any Indian grilled starters. For e.g. Chicken Frankie Roll, Moong Daal ke Vade/Split Moong Bean Fritters.., Onion/Kanda/Piyav/Eerulli Bajji/Pakoda’s/Bajo, Fish Fry with a Konkani style batter etc.

Green Chutney/Mint Coriander chutney/Dip

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