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Colourful Easter Eggs

I can’t say Easter just around the corner because it’s already Good Friday. Lent has ended for those who followed. I’m sure it was difficult to give up on something you love for a month.

Everyone around here is planning for Easter celebrations. I see Easter Eggs & cute Bunnies being sold everywhere.

I had seen this method of decorating eggs before you serve on Pinterest, loved this Easter idea. Link to that pin – I found it quite impressive & easy. These will surely make the kids love them.

I tried them out myself, while doing so K was sitting besides me & wondering what I was up to. He kept shifting his gaze between his laptop screen & the weird craft like stuff I was up to.. & he kept asking me what was I doing colouring eggs..??!! I winked & asked him in a very dramatic way…  ” Have my food experiments ever disappointed you?” .. & asked him to patiently watch what I was up to.

The original recipe uses quite a lot of food colour.  I just used a drop & twirled the egg around so that drop could move around & seep in between cracks I made…You could use more colour if you want to. 🙂

Again I apologise for this photography. All of the pictures are clicked via my phone.

Note: Use good quality food colouring. I used Natural food colours.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)      Preparation Time: 15 mins (Including time to boil eggs)
Eggs – 4,
Food colours of your choice – a few drops each colour

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Hard boil the eggs.

Once the eggs are boiled, transfer them to cold water for a minute or two so that you can hold them. Use a spoon to create some cracks on them as shown.

Crack the eggs as shown..

Next add a drop or two of food colour food & make sure the colour enters through the cracks.Keep aside for a minute or two.

Make sure the colour reaches in from the cracks...

Wash the colour off the eggs, peel the shell off. There the wonderfully coloured eggs are ready. 🙂

Colourful Easter Eggs..

Enjoy them for your Easter Breakfast.. 🙂

One thought on “Colourful Easter Eggs

  1. I was so happy looking at these eggs. AM sure its a good way to present eggs during Easter when u have a home filled with guests.


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