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Watercress flavoured Penne Pasta with Peas

Watercress has a very strong peppery flavour which I’m ok with at times. But then for the days when I really do not want that flavour I use them to make this pasta recipe & mask most of that flavour away using some fresh peas, spring onions & garlic. 😀 Yes, at times I act like a kid who hates his healthy greens. Sadly can’t make faces at myself, so the angel at one side urges me to eat them while the devil says no. Just like the good always wins the bad, I shut up & end up eating watercress this way. I also add some cheese to this pasta & make it sinful enough to please that devil. 😉 You can do without the cheese.

Watercress has a lot of nutritional value, that’s the reason for all this fuss. It contains a good amount of Iron, calcium, Iodine & folic acid.

Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation Time: 15 – 20 mins
Watercress – 100 gms, washed & drained
Spring onions – 3 whole, chopped roughly along with the greens
Garlic clove – 1, chopped
Fresh garden peas – 2 -3 tbsp
Black pepper – 1/4 tsp or more, freshly ground
Milk – 30 ml
Grated cheese – the one you like, since this is optional
Water – 200 ml
Penne Pasta – about 50 gms, uncooked
Salt to taste
No oil required.

Blend the watercress, spring onions, 1 tbsp of green peas and garlic in a blender to make a paste.

Transfer the paste into a pot and add water. Bring it to a boil. Add salt to taste. When the war flavours go away, add the milk. Next add the penne pasta. Cook the pasta in this broth. Make sure there is enough water to cook the pasta, but not too much. Keep stirring from time to time so that the pasta doesn’t stick to each other or stick to the bottom of the pot.

Cooking the pasta in watercress...

When the pasta is cooked, add 1-2 tbsp of garden peas. Give it a good mix. Turn off the heat.

Garnish with freshly ground black pepper. I also add some grated/powdered cheese.

 Watercress flavoured Penne Pasta with Peas....

Serving suggestions:
Serve along with some plain bread or garlic bread by the side.

 Watercress flavoured Penne Pasta with Peas..

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