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Red pesto Egg Bombs

Yesterday I was in Edinburgh. It was an awesome day. I spent a lot of time exploring the city all by myself. I had only been to the tourist spots on my previous visits, so made sure I saw more of the city other than Princess street which is the city centre. I was such a lovely day. Was not very cold most of the time luckily for me, though it was cloudy throughout. The city has a different feel to it. Sadly I did not carry my camera because I don’t like to take my hands out in the cold 😛 & then if I wear gloves my tiny hands find it difficult to handle the camera. 😦

I watched a movie called Side Effects in the evening. Must say its an interesting movie with an awesome performance by Rooney Mara & Jude Law. The city looks beautiful in the night as well. The Castle & all old monuments lit up. I took a walk on the Princess Street, tourists everywhere.. all milling in & out of different pubs & restaurants, laughter & chatter all around. All in all a day well spent. 🙂 So I got back home pretty late last night & all the walking around got me all tired. Got up late, needed to pack some lunch for K, the understanding husband that he is said just make me a few eggs & put them in a bun :). Decided I’ll make these Red Pesto Egg bombs & surprise him rather than the usual fried eggs.

Red pesto Egg Bombs..

Tip: You can use any type of pesto. I had a store bought bottle ready. If you prepare pesto at home use that. 🙂 You can use green pesto as well. But I prefer the red over the green. You can also add some mushrooms or some chopped onions.

I used the Indian tempering fry pan to make these. You can use a single egg poacher as you need them small to fit within a burger bun, else you will need to fold the egg to fit within the bun.

Have these as a snack, breakfast or on the go. Its different & delicious..

Ingredients: (To make one egg bomb)       Preparation Time: 2-3 mins per egg
I’ll list the ingredients & describe how to make one Red Pesto Egg bomb.
Eggs – 1, beaten well
Red Pesto – 1/2 tsp
Cooking oil – a few drops
Red chilli flakes or pepper for some spice
Salt to taste

Heat a few drops of oil in a singer egg poacher or the tempering fry pan. When the pan is heating up, beat one egg along with the red pesto. Add the chopped onions or mushrooms if you want to. Make sure the pesto is mixed well. Add this egg mixture to the fry pan & cook on medium heat. Sprinkle some salt to taste along with some pepper/chilli flakes for the spice. Cover to cook.

Check after a minute or so. Once the bottom is cooked & the top looks a little firm, turn it over. Turn off the heat.

Garnish with some parsley on the top.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve as is or in between a bun/bread slices, add a slice of cheese/tomatoes/onion/ lettuce or serve it the way you like it.

Red pesto Egg Bombs...

You can pack it in the lunch box for your kid or husband/ eat it on the go as a snack.


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