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Tava fried prawns

Prawns are very versatile, they taste yummy any way you prepare them. They cook pretty soon as well.I’m so addicted to prawns (You must be wondering why the quantity of prawns in the final pics are sparse.. I was done with my share before I could click the pics!:P I just can’t resist them & all I was left was with K’s share for the photographs.. )

Tava fried prawns...

This is not for those who find Indian food too hot for their palate. If you still want to go ahead & try this recipe out then do reduce the dried red chilli’s used for the powder.

Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation Time: 20 mins (excludes the time taken for marination)
Prawns – 200 gms, peeled, de-veined, washed raw king prawns
Unsalted butter – 2 tbsp
Sugar – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste

For the masala:
Dried red chilli’s (preferably byadige- they impart a lovely colour to the food, you can use Kashmiri chilli’s too) – 4, reduce the number if you do not fancy hot food
Coriander seeds – 1 tsp
Salt to taste

To prepare a paste for the prawn marination:
Onion – 1 small, chopped
Garlic – 3 cloves
Ginger – 1/2 inch piece
Turmeric – a pinch
Tamarind – half of a marble sized piece
Black peppercorns – 4 corns

Grind the ingredients mentioned for the marination paste together and make a smooth paste. Do not add water. Mix this paste with the raw prawns and add some salt as well.

Prawns marinated in the paste prepared..

Let the prawns marinate for a minimum of 1 hr. If you have the time, you can marinate it overnight as well. I marinated them for 8 hours.

Heat a fry pan. When the fry pan is hot, dry roast the dried red chilli’s & the coriander seeds.

Fry the masala powder in the butter..

Do not let them turn deep brown or black. Transfer them to a blender and powder them coarsely as shown & keep this powder aside. If you want to you can finely powder the masala powder as well.

Heat a tava/fry pan. Add the butter, turn the heat to low. When the butter is hot, add the freshly prepared powder of dried red chilli & coriander seeds. Fry this masala till the raw flavours fade away. Do not let the masala burn. Keep moving the masala around using a spatula.This should be anywhere between 3-4 mins.

Now add the marinated prawns and mix well.

Add the marinated prawns..

Let them cook for about 2-3 minutes on low heat, then increase the heat to medium. Remember not to add water. Add the sugar, mix well. Check & adjust salt. When the prawns turn a deep red and the butter starts to separate out, the dish is ready.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve with some thinly diced onions & lime wedges on the side.

Tava fried prawns...

Squeeze some lemon on the onions as well as the prawns, mix well.

Squeeze some lemon juice on the prawns..

You can also have this as a starter along with a glass of chilled beer. 🙂

A closer look at the prawns..

Notes: If you plan to prepare the dish the same day as you marinate the prawns, it is a good idea to prepare the powder from the dry roasted chilli’s & coriander seeds first & then proceed to preparing the paste for marination since you need the blender jar dry for the powder & if end up preparing the paste first then you would need to wait for the jar to be dry before you prepare the powder.

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