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Spring Onion Raita

Raita is a condiment made with yogurt & popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Raita is an amazing accompaniment for any Indian flavoured rice. It compliments the spice present in the flavoured rice and cools down the heat generated from all the different spices used.

Spring Onion Raita

Personally I never had a liking towards yogurt before getting married to Keshav. Since he is an Iyengar belonging to the Tam Bram clan, and the love Tam Bram’s have for yogurt cannot be described in words. Give them a whole litre of yogurt and it can vanish within minutes. Most South Indians end their meal with curd rice a.k.a plain steamed rice with a ladle of yogurt accompanied with some salt to taste or some pickle. Yes, let me get back to the story on how I developed a liking towards yogurt since I have set the context now :). So my in-laws were shocked that I do not like yogurt & they asked to try ending my meal with a spoon of yogurt as it has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk. That’s how I started and I love it now. Wonder why I wasted so many years of my life doing without it. Better late than never isn’t it. 🙂

Ingredients: (Serves 2)        Preparation Time: under 5 mins
Yogurt – around 100 ml
Milk – 2 tbsp
Spring Onion – 1 bulb with its greens, finely chopped,
Chaat Masala/Red Chilli powder/Cumin powder (optional)- Use a pinch of any one of these for any additional flavouring
Salt to taste

In a medium-sized bowl mix the yogurt & milk well. Use an egg beater to blend them together if required. Add the chopped spring onions & salt to taste. If required add a pinch of Chaat Masala/Red Chilli powder/Cumin powder & mix well. Serve along with some flavoured rice.

Spring Onion Raita

Here I have served it with some Microwave Pea’s Pilaf. Click this link for other flavoured rice recipe’s.



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