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Soupy days – Spinach Soup with Potato

As usual I was snuggling in my duvet on the couch, to keep myself warm this quiet, gloomy afternoon with a novel. Keshav had stepped out for some work. I felt lazy to fix up a meal. I did not want something very heavy, but something which fill me up and satisfy my hunger. Had some fresh baby spinach leaves which would wilt away soon if I did not use them. So put together this easy peasy soup.. it is a very healthy soup, no oil or butter. The basil used for garnishing adds a nice aroma to this soup.

A closer look..

Spinach is highly nutritious. It known to be rich in various kinds of vitamins and iron. If spinach is boiled a little too much that would halve its folic acid content, but microwaving it does not. Hence I have used the microwave to cook the soup & keep the maximum nutrients intact.

Ingredients: (Serves 1) Preparation Time: 10 mins
Spinach – 1 cup of washed spinach leaves
Tip: Use one cup per serving, increase all the ingredients in proportion if you wish to make more.
Garlic – 1 small cloves, chopped
Potato – 1 medium-sized,peeled and cubed
Water – half a cup
Milk – 30 ml, I used whole milk, you can use skimmed milk if you wish to.
Back peppercorns – add as much as you like, but remember to use freshly crushed pepper
Basil – 1 leaf, chopped
Salt to taste

Add the leaves to a microwave bowl, add the water along with the potatoes. Add some salt to taste. Boil this in the microwave for 6 minutes. Midway just stir the contents. Let it stand in the microwave for a minute once done. Take the bowl out and add the chopped garlic. Let the contents cool to room temperature.

Microwave boiled spinach N potato

Now add cooled boiled, contents to a food processor or mixer jar. Do not add the water that is in the bowl. Keep it aside for later use. Grind this to a course paste. The spinach will be a paste but the potatoes should remain as small chunks/bits.

Ground spinach, potato n garlic

Add the ground spinach and potato mixture back to the bowl which has the water kept aside. Add the milk and crushed pepper and bring the mixture to a boil back in the microwave.

Yummy soup..

Garnish with some chopped basil.

Serving suggestions:
Serve hot along with some bread sticks/croutons/some hot garlic bread by the side.

Spinach Soup with Potato

Tip: For those who do not mind a few extra calories, add some cream/ a little butter on top for that extra flavour.

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