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This is for all my friends from back from engineering times.. all those hungry nights while at the library when all of us were running around looking for notes/material to copy/xerox… tensed about not having all the required material, not thinking for a minute if we will have the time to study all of it if we did end up with all the required material.. . the food that kept us alive all through this was Maggi, Keishto, Bun Masala, cheese Maggi and Chai from the night canteen.. or the fizzy drink whose name I just can’t seem to re-collect.. if anyone remembers.. please let me know…  

Even semester’s always ended during the rains, so with the raining pouring hard, running between the hostel, mess & the library drenched. Rains in the west coast of India is terrible..  it rains real hard. Manipal was even worse, it rained from all sides, an umbrella does not help in any way… miss those days.. I loved when classes used to get cancelled on such rainy days.. I’m a lazy bum, I would tuck myself in & sleep :)) .. labs were usually in the afternoon session, if a lab got cancelled it was 3 hours extra sleep time.. 🙂 which made it such a blessing.. 🙂

Thanks Hari and Rashmi for reminding me the name of the Fizzy drink… Sipra and Bajal.. :)) the cola flavour was my favourite.. :))

Ingredients: (Serves 3) Preparation Time: 10 mins
Eggs – 3
Tomato – 1 medium-sized, cut into slices as shown
Onion – 1 medium-sized, cut into slices as shown
Burger buns – 3
Chilli Powder – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

Slice the burger bun from the middle as shown. Lightly toast it in a frying pan with some oil/butter. Make sure the heat is set to medium.

Once the buns are ready, keep it aside in a plate. Break an egg in the frying pan and make a sunny side up, fry on both sides if you wish to. Add some chilli powder and salt to taste on the egg.

When the egg is almost ready, in the frying pan by the side add a slice of tomato and onion and fry on both sides for a few seconds… Add this on top of the egg.

Place the fried eggs between the toasted burger bun and add some chilli powder on top, close the bun and serve hot..

This dish is very nostalgic to me.. 🙂 brings back all those fun days.. !!

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