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Cabbage Ambade/ cabbage & onion fritters

Cabbage is a vegetable full of fibre… I know it really does not have much of a flavour to it, other than your mouth may stink if you eat it raw.. 😀 Many, including K do not really like the taste of cabbage …He calls it GARBAGE…. His explanation is that he feels he is a cow, when he begins to chew on cabbage… can you believe that??!!!?  My undue love for deep fried food makes me love these fritters made of cabbage..

There are different recipe’s to prepare these fritters.  A quick method is to use a batter of gram flour along with some fresh green chilli’s & some spices, this recipe is popularly used in stalls on the street, where you can have a cup of tea with some hot Pakora’s. My mum’s recipe is different, she uses Rather a batter made by grinding some soaked rice and tur dal which have some dried red chilli’s used for spice. I like this recipe as these turn out crisper..!!

My clan i.e. the Konkani’s or GSB’s make quite a variety of Pakora’s/ bajji’s/ambade’s…. many of them are made of seasonal vegetables To mention a few… Thaikila (is a spinach with a distinct flavour, this grows only during the rains in Southern part of Karnataka) Ambade… Marolva Paana Phodi.. a kind of fritters made of Colocasia leaf… again available seasonally..  Well the list will keep going on and on…  so let me stop right here.. because my mouth is watering just by the thought of these… & I can in no way get these cravings fulfilled as there is no way I can manage to find them here in Glasgow.

Ingredients: (Serves 4) Preparation Time: 25 mins
Raw Rice – 75 gms
Tur Dal – 25 gms
Onions – 2 medium-sized, chopped finely as shown
Cabbage – 100 gms, finely chopped as shown
Dried Red Chilli’s – 7-8 spicy ones
Dried Red Chilli’s – 3 the ones that add colour to the food, non spicy, I used Byadgi menasu…
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry

Wash the rice and the tur dal together and soak it in some hot water for about 20-30 minutes. Drain the excess water once it has soaked well.

In a mixer vessel add the soaked rice and dal along with both the varieties of dried red chilli’s and grind this to a coarse paste as shown in the pictures. Add just a little water of required, the batter needs to be quite dry and not liquidy. If you end up with the batter being liquidy do not worry you can add some gram flour to get it to the required consistency.

Meanwhile heat the oil to deep fry the fritters.

Once the batter is ready then add the chopped cabbage and onions little by little along with salt to taste. Add in such a way that for every handful of cabbage you are adding one half handful of onions. The onions and the cabbage should not be too much so as the batter is lost, you will get to know when you have added just about the right amount. Mix well.
Now make small patty like shapes from this mixture as shown.

Once the oil is hot add the patty’s one by one and fry well till it cooks on both sides as shown.

Serving suggestions:
These can be had as an eve snack or along with rice and dal (DDT – Daat Daali Toy as we Konkani’s call it) as a side dish.. that’s how we traditionally have it.. 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Cabbage Ambade/ cabbage & onion fritters

  1. All time favs of all Mangloreans.. Superb recipe.. Tried it last weekend..It was awesome.. Everyone loved it..
    I always wanted to know the recipe of Cabbage Ambade.. Thanks Anitha 🙂


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