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Pasta Mayo Salad

I love salads.. :)) I would always binge on Salads at a buffet.. :)) and fill my tummy with it.. and end up not eating the main course… !!!

Such a healthy and a quick option salads are.. they still have their nutrients as they are not lost when you sometimes end up overcooking vegetables.. 

This one is real crunchy and sweet because of the peppers, sweetcorn and the creamy Mayonnaise in it.. 

Ingredients: (Serves 2) Preparation Time: 15 mins
Pasta – 75 gms of macaroni, I used a different variety of Pasta
Red Onion – half of a medium-sized one, finely chopped
Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp or more, I used garlic mayo as I love the flavour of garlic in my food…
Peppers – 1 whole, if you want to add mixed colours then chop half or quarter of each colour into small squares as shown
Sweetcorn – 2 tbsp
Olive Oil – 2 or 3 tsp..Optional if you want to drizzle some.. I did not use
Mixed Italian herbs – a pinch or more, depending on your taste
Black pepper corns – 3 or 4 crushed
Mint Leaves – 3 or 4 chopped finely
Black Olives – 4 or 5 finely chopped
Salt to taste

In a big pot, boil about a litre of water. Add enough salt and half a tbsp of oil to it. Add the pasta and cook the pasta based on the instructions given in the pasta packet. It may vary. I took 10-12 minutes to cook my pasta. Once the pasta is cooked immediately take the pot off the heat and move the pot under running cold water and let the pasta cool.. then drain the pasta. This is to prevent the pasta from cooking further and becoming gooey.

Move the cooled, cooked pasta to a mixing bowl and add the veggies (sweetcorn, peppers, olives, red onions), mayo, oil (if you want to), crushed pepper, mint, mixed Italian herbs and mix well. Add salt required only for the veggies as the pasta is cooked in salt water. Serve…. 🙂

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