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Tangy Mussels

My grandmother says.. Non-Vegetarian food has to be eaten spicy.. else the human body cannot digest it.. 🙂 Well..I don’t really know how much of truth that is but I do believe that meat does taste better when its hot & spicy… A squeeze of lime always helps bring the lime down if you cannot handle the chilli in the dish.. 

This preparation is very Mangalorean.. the sauce is very Puli Munchi (Puli=Tangy and Munchi=Chili), very similar to a Bunts (a community which speaks a dialect called Tulu in and around Mangalore) recipe. This is my quick version of it with a slight twist. A must try for seafood lovers.


Ingredients: ( Serves 2 ) Preparation Time: 25 mins
Mussels- 250 gms
Black Pepper Corns – 2/3 crushed
Chili Powder – 2 tsp or more (based on your spice intake level)
Tamarind juice – 2 tbsp
Tomato puree – 2 tbsp
Garlic – 2/3 pods, finely chopped
Curry Leaves – 1 Sprig
Oil – 3 tbsp (Using coconut oil gives the authentic flavour to the dish, you can use the oil you use for you usual cooking since all cannot eat food cooked in coconut oil. :))
Onion – 1 large, diced
Salt to Taste


Wash the mussels with their shell. Boil them in water and cook them. You can add some salt while boiling them. Drain them dry. Once cooled, separate the mussels from their shell. Drain any water if present. I used frozen, cooked mussels.


Heat oil in a frying pan set to medium heat. Add the garlic and sauté for a few seconds. Next add the onions and sauté them till they are half done. Add the red chilli powder. Mix well & fry to let the raw flavours of the chilli powder fade away. Do not end up burning the onions or the chilli powder. Next add the tomato puree and let it cook. Next add the tamarind juice and mix well.


Add the cooked mussels and let them absorb the flavours. Add some water about 100 ml if you want to a little gravy, if you want a starter cook till the liquid from the tomato puree and the tamarind juice disappears or if you require semi gravy add lesser water.


Remember the mussels are already cooked, so be gentle with them. Add salt to taste. If you have already added salt while cooking the mussels then add only the amount required for the gravy. Let this cook for about 5 minutes.


When the dish is just about done add the curry leaves and the crushed pepper, mix well.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with rice/ chapatis’ if it’s a gravy. Else if you wanted it as a starter then just as is.. 🙂 This tangy and spicy dish will just blow your mind. 🙂

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